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Knitting Projects

Lookbook of all my knitting projects! Patterns to come soon.


JW Anderson Colorblock cardigan

This is the first project I ever made! When JW Anderson released the pattern for this cardigan worn by Harry Styles I had to make it. It was challenging but made me fall in love with the world of fiber arts.

Striped Vest

The perfect spring time vest! The colors scream spring and it's lightweight enough that it won't make you hot all day. 


Knit beanie

Who doesn't love a good pom pom hat on a cold day in the winter? This beanie was my first experience using double pointed knitting needles and it was a lot easier than i expected! 


Nothing gets you in the cozy fall mood like having knit pumpkins around! Add a cinnamon stick as the stem and it will not only look cute but make your house smell amazing!

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